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Britt’s List – Top 8 brands for Organic Underwear

We like to think that we aren’t the only ones that are in love with our damn good basics. So you can only imagine how warm our heart grows when we read about our goods on someone else’s site! That’s why when we came across our mention on Britt’s List we just had to share it!

Who is Britt’s List you say?

“Britt’s List is an online fashion publication dedicated to telling the stories behind Australian fashion brands that lead their industry in environmental sustainability and ethical treatment of people and animals.

Lots of Australian brands are making efforts in sustainability. It means ethical production. It means renewable energy in manufacturing. It means quality fabrics that don’t cost the earth and break down easily. It means responsible waste management. And it means ethically sourced animal products or none at all. Britt’s List strives to educate Australians about the brands that are driving change.

We also talk to experts in the sustainable fashion industry – from researchers to sustainability advocates and designers – to make sure all of our information is backed and up to scratch. We help our readers understand and avoid companies that embrace unsustainable and damaging practices in the fashion industry.”

Now you have read about Britt’s list why don’t you head over to their website and check out their article featuring us —> here.